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Founded in 2019, our mission is simple:  To help students in our community explore passions, interests, and career aspirations before committing their time and their family's resources to higher education. 

We feel that providing a platform for a student to "try on" his or her major or field of interest, as soon as possible, will result in better outcomes for students and families.

Through extensive community networking, our goal is to be able to connect a student to a prospective type of business, industry, or a professional working in the field the student is interested in.  This program is open to students who are planning to go to a  four-year college, community college, trade school, or have no clue!

We hope to provide a resource that students and families will find useful.  Useful in helping evaluate options after high school and beyond!

Cheryl Hamilton, MBA

Brandon Walker, JD, CFP®

Richard Biggs, CPA

Jerry Moore, CIMA®, CFP®

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"Change a perspective,    change a life."
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